ISIS Makes America’s Liberals Hypocrites… Again

I am starting to wonder if there is anything that Islamic radical terrorists could do to actually turn liberals against them. I think that as long as these Muslim radicals hate Israel, liberals everywhere will find common cause with them in their war against humanity.

Over the last year or so we’ve told you about Muslim terrorists kidnapping, torturing, raping, murdering and pillaging all across the Middle East and Africa. We’ve even brought you stories about the horrible persecution of women, children, Christians and other religious minorities, and homosexuals. Have the brave liberals in Hollywood or Washington, D.C. put together a viral ad campaign decrying these civil rights abuses? Nope. They’re to busy marching to stop global warming, doing videos to support baby murder and taking naked pictures of themselves to protest animal cruelty.

The London Daily Mail is reporting that ISIS has recently released another video showing the execution of two homosexual men in the city of Homs in Syria.

This latest shocking video – which runs to over six minutes – shows the proclamation being read out in front of a captivated audience, who have crammed into the street, lining the walls as they awaited the gruesome execution.

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The warped justifications for the murders say they can be carried out on the grounds of religion – as are the rapes of ‘non-believers’, like the Yazidi girls.

The two men are then led, blindfolded, across the roof, before being thrown to their death after being made to teeter on the edge by their evil captors.

The moment the doomed men hit the ground is not shown, but the crowd – which had been waiting expectedly – are shown surging forward to stone the men as as they lie twisted on the floor.

The blood-spattered rocks are seen on the ground alongside the bodies.





Liberal inattentiveness on Islamic terrorism isn’t the fault of the terrorists – they’ve been trying hard to get noticed for years – it’s entirely the fault of the modern liberal worldview. If it doesn’t advance their own causes… they just don’t have the time to care. Sorry, Christians who are getting raped, tortured and beheaded. Sorry, little children who are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. Sorry, gay men who are being tossed off the roofs of buildings…

‘We know you’re suffering but you’ll just have to wait until we can make these darned conservatives bake our cakes, kill our babies and raise our minimum wage!’

Maybe I’m being a bit cynical but I feel like I’ve got reason.

See, I am against the movement to force Christians to participate in gay weddings, and I also believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman for life. I also happen to believe that homosexuality (and any other sexual activity outside of a monogamous heterosexual marriage) is sin.


I am appalled at the treatment of homosexuals in the Islamic world. I am disgusted by the Obama administration’s decision not to stand up and speak out for the gay men and women who are suffering under horrible circumstances across the Middle East and North Africa. I am outraged that President Obama would go to Kenya where homosexuals are not routinely jailed and murdered (though they are marginalized) and speak out about gay rights, but not do so in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or elsewhere in the Muslim world!

It’s absolute cowardice that drives President Obama to give his sanctimonious speeches while attempting to shame us – who believe that all people have inherent value and should be treated with respect and love – while not even broaching the subject with his “friends” and allies in the Islamic world.


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