ISIS Jihadi Captures Own Death on Go-Pro Camera!

I personally abhor violence. I think war is usually evil, violence is almost always wrong and that it is almost always preferable to avoid actions that harm others. However, when it comes to the destruction of ISIS Jihadism, I understand that force has become the necessary tool to stop these madmen from committing genocide and enslaving the Middle East. 

So videos like the one below become useful tools in the propaganda fight against the terrorists – even if they are bleak and a bit morbid.


An Islamic State jihadi captured the moment he was shot and presumably killed by an Iraqi soldier on GoPro.

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Unbelievable footage shows the militant firing his weapon while concealing himself between a wall and pole. At three seconds, he turns to his left, revealing two Islamic State fighters standing behind him.

He can be heard screaming “Allah Akbar!” Seven seconds into the 30-second clip, it appears the footage was cut and spliced with a latter portion of the fight.

The GoPro films the jihadi fighting near an abandoned building and some palm trees. He tries hiding behind a pile of sandbags. But at 19 seconds, the Islamic State fighter gets shot and falls to the ground. The clip ends shortly after.

YouTube deleted the full-length video, according to Funker 530.




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