ISIS Executes 2,000 Iraqi’s – Thousands More Fleeing the Mayhem

The violence in Iraq and Syria continues to boil over as news outlets have begun reporting about a recent increase (which seems impossible) in the violence being dispensed by the evil villains at ISIS. The Christian Post recently wrote that thousands of refugees are pouring out of Iraq in an effort to escape the path of ISIS, even as other news outlets are reporting that ISIS has detonated numerous car bombs in Baghdad in recent days.

Robert George, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) summed it up like this:

“Islamic State has unleashed untold misery and suffering on defenseless religious and ethnic communities, while destroying treasured religious and historical sites in both Iraq and Syria. Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, and others are all at risk. Due to IS’s reign of terror, millions of people from Iraq and Syria have been forced to flee and now are refugees or internally displaced.”

In recent days more than two thousand Iraqis have been executed by ISIS terrorists the government of Iraq announced this past Friday. While the government could not confirm the exact number of people killed, how they were killed or why they were killed – it could confirm that the reports of the mass murdering were accurate.

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Witnesses and sources at a morgue in Mosul, the capital of Nineveh, told Reuters that most of the executions reported on Friday had occurred over the past six months.

The majority of the victims, killed for common crimes like theft, had been buried earlier, but the bodies of journalists and former Iraqi police or soldiers were delivered to the morgue earlier on Friday, the sources said. They said IS had circulated lists containing the victims’ names.

“(Islamic State) assassinated in cold blood … 2,070 residents of Nineveh for … not cooperating with them,” Iraqi defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi said in a video posted on the ministry’s website.

As things continue to crumble in the Middle East one wonders what our world may look like in a few short years. Iraq is more unstable than ever before, Syria is in the middle of a civil war that doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon, Iran is now well on its way to a nuclear weapon, Lebanon’s future seems to be as a vassal of Iran, Yemen is being run by terrorists, Egypt’s survival is in question, Libya has turned into a lawless state, Afghanistan is teetering on the brink as war between the Taliban and ISIS rages and in Pakistan Muslim violence against minorities continues to percolate. Even the “stable” nations of Turkey, UAE, Oman, Jordan, etc. are shaking with worry about Islamic extremism and the rise of al Qaeda, ISIS and other such organizations.

These are dangerous days, folks, and Barack Obama and his Democrat cronies are not the people we need leading us into the maelstrom.

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