Is What This Guy Said About White Basketball Players ‘Racist’?

A white person could never say something similar regarding black people. Even so, the following statement is statistically true:

“The father of a now-former UCLA star basketball player said that the white starters for this season’s squad were ‘too slow’ afoot to help win a national championship.

“‘Realistically, you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow,’ LaVar Ball told the Indian Valley Daily Bulletin, which noted he presumably meant starters TJ Leaf, Bryce Alford and Thomas Welsh.” (The Blaze)

When it comes to sports, the best players are the best players. They rise to the top. You can’t stop them, especially in sports where times are kept and tape measures measure. In the NBA, the best players are black. They can run faster and jump higher. Since money is on the line, the people who want to make money want the best players, and in probably 99 percent of all cases, they don’t care what color they are.

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LaVar Ball admits what nearly everyone knows but is often afraid to say. There are differences among the races like there are differences between the sexes.

One of the easiest places to see this truth is in track and field. When’s the last time a white man won the 100-meter race at the Olympics? It was Allan Wipper Wells at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. His win was most likely an anomaly since 66 countries, the United States included, boycotted the Games because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The sprint races have been dominated by blacks. Women cannot compete equally with men in track and field in any of the events. It’s not even close. The record for the 100 meters for men is 9.58 seconds and 10.49 seconds for women, a record that was set in 1988.

Consider the shot put. The women throw an 8.8-pound shot while the men throw a 16-pound implement. The record for women is 74’-3”, while the record for men, with an implement that is nearly twice as heavy, is 75’-10.25”.

It’s not that whites aren’t fast. It’s just that, statistically speaking, they aren’t as fast as blacks. Is it wrong to say this? It shouldn’t be. It’s a fact. The timing devices do not lie. They don’t discriminate.

Can such a statistical disparity lead to discrimination in sports where a stopwatch is not used to measure talent? There may be a lot of white players who are as good as some black players, but the black player is chosen because of certain assumptions based on statistics that are true. But because a statistic is true for a group as a whole, it does not mean that it’s true for every person in that group.

Baseball was dominated by whites because of d…

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