Is Trump Right about War?



The headline of the NY Daily News on 3-20-2016 is, “Trump says he will bring back torture and order military to kill families of terrorists. An alarming number of soldiers are voting for him—and anxious to follow his orders.”


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The News seems to be mocking Trump’s position.  They can’t understand why soldiers would be backing him.


Well, I’m no soldier but I can tell you if I were overseas defending the cowardly lives of journalists and liberal Americans I would damn well want to use every weapon I had at my discretion.


I remember when I was young getting in street fights and knocking out my opponents because I didn’t want to risk their knocking me out.  The best defense is a shock and awe offense.


War is not a board game.  If you die you don’t get to play another round of Parcheesi.


Torture is a no brainer.  I’m sure these Muslims, who stone their wives to death for talking to a westerner, would think nothing of cutting off our balls.


I’m not sure about killing families of terrorists, but if it was necessary, then what we must do must be done.


That soldiers are voting for Trump makes sense.  He has their back. Soldiers are tired of President Obama tying our military’s hands.


Obama’s pro-enemy party is over. It’s time we dunked terrorists’ heads again in the water and pulled up Halloween apples in their mouths.  Or do you prefer to move to Merkel’s Munich and watch your daughters get raped by the oh-so-peaceful Muslims?

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