Is this Good or Bad? 40k+ Democrats in Pennsylvania Switch to GOP for Trump

In activist circles we are always searching for and debating over new methods of attracting new voters to our causes. When discussing GOP politics with Republicans, we talk about growing the caucus and expanding “the tent.” When conversing with conservative activists about moving our agenda forward, we talk about convincing Republicans, primarily the establishment, that our ideas are the best path forward for the country in the hopes that we can push our leaders to be “more conservative.”

This conversation about growing the team is a big part of our ongoing discussions, so when an article like this one is posted, you’d think we’d all be shouting for joy.

According to a recent report published in Pennsylvania, nearly 46,000 Keystone State Democrats have jumped ship and joined the GOP in order to give their support to Donald Trump.

Professor of Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, Dr. G. Terry Madonna, tells the paper he has a theory behind the switch.

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“With the increase in support in exit polls for Trump among working class, blue-collar Democrats, it is my belief that these are people who fall into that genre,” said Madonna.

The numbers are similar in other states as well.

The paper says in Massachusetts, as many as 20,000 Democrats have gone from blue-to-red this year with Trump cited as a primary reason. And in Ohio, as many as 1,000 blue collar workers have promised to switch parties and vote for Trump.

So why aren’t GOP activists exulting over the mass conversion of new Republicans? For one simple reason – the polls. Donald Trump may be drawing more Democrats to the GOP than any other candidate, but poll after poll also shows that he is the only Republican candidate getting slaughtered by either Democrat contender.

The latest NBC poll has Hillary Clinton beating Trump by 13 points and Sanders winning by 18! The most recent ABC poll has Clinton beating Trump by 9 points. This has been the theme of these polls for months now, and things aren’t getting any better. In fact, Mr. Trump is the most disliked candidate for President… ever.

The larger question may well be, why is Donald Trump so attractive to Democrat voters? The answer to this question may well decide the future of the GOP.

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