Is There a Terrorist Connection to the Las Vegas Killer?

In addition to boasting by the Islamic State, there may be other evidence of a terrorist connection.

A terrorist connection that was confirmed would almost be a relief since, so far, there’s not much evidence of any motive. Terrorism is horrible but the idea that a rich, older guy simply decided he wanted to kill lots of people for no other reason is arguably worse.

The fact that Stephen Paddock had the same explosive that was used in a terrorist attack may confirm ISIS’ claim.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, “Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NYC bombing.

An explosive compound like the one found in Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock’s car and home is believed to have been used last year in an alleged terrorist bombing in New York City.

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The explosive was Tannerite, which as used in September 2016 in a bombing in Chelsea, New York.

Authorities later arrested Ahmed Rahami, an Afghan immigrant, and charged him with federal terrorism and weapons offenses in connection with that bombing and two others in New Jersey.

According to prosecutors, Rahami had posted videos praising a former leader of the al-Qaida terrorist group and decrying U.S. military actions in countries like Afghanistan and Syria on social media prior to his arrest

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