Is the United States Becoming Another Banana Republic?

Travel Bans, Sanctuary Cities and Disregard of the Rule of Law

If you are an American, you should have great cause to feel threatened and fearful with respect to your future, and the future of your posterity. We are a nation in a plunging aircraft, falling with ever increasing speed toward a rocky bottom, and there is nobody inside the cockpit working the controls. We are watching our own paralysis as a country, with the effects of muscular degeneration being felt more and more each and every day. Soon, we will be no different from any run-of-the-mill, third-world, banana republic, as the blood flow of American political and social being, namely, the rule of law, will be completely drained out of the American body politic.

Once again, we have witnessed the flagrant assumption of the legislative function by a Federal judge, in the decision to block for obvious political reasons President Trump’s most recent executive orders with respect to the cutting off of funds for so-called sanctuary cities that fail to comply with immigration enforcement. This action has once again originated with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal Judiciary’s most political, Left wing and liberal bench.

The underlying contention of Judge William Orrick’s decision to block the order was that it targeted so many areas of federal funding for sanctuary governments, that plaintiffs would most likely prevail in challenging the order as unconstitutional. That may or may not be true, but the fact that a single, unelected, politically motivated judge is capable of thwarting the enforcement of Federal law with respect to turning over criminal illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a stupendous breach of the the doctrine of “separation of powers,“ and an even more flagrant disregard for laws already on the books of the United States Government.

This action, coupled with the same 9th District Appeals Court to block the Travel Ban from people coming from rogue nations without any discernible governmental structure, is just another example of how the Judiciary has usurped the role of the Congress of the United States, the one and only body established under Article I of the Constitution with the role of “making” the law.

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Speaking of Congress, where have they been throughout this assault against American Democracy, especially the ones who call themselves Republicans? If memory serves me, I thought they controlled both the House and the Senate? I have barely heard one Republican’s voice in protest over this continued attempt on the part of the Democratic party and its Nazi Left wing cohorts to shut down the rule of law in the U.S.?

Where are the elected representatives of the Republican party demanding that the laws of the land be enforced? Where is the Republican party’s one voice against the outlandish and vicious campaign to destroy a Republican President in his effort to carry out the promises he made to the American electorate with respect to the problem of dealing with illegal aliens in the United States? Where is the commitment to put teeth into the law regarding the deportation of criminal aliens, giving it the force it demands, the force it was enacted to have?

Any Republican representative, man or woman, who is not banging the same drum with respect to these critical items is not only a coward, but a traitor as well. They should be identified as such, and subjected to recall by the voters of their respective districts, as they are doing a disservice to the people they were elected to supposedly serve.   

It is pathetic to hear the usual political suspects, apologists, moralists, open-border advocates and the like continue in their insistence that sanctuary cities benefit police agencies because the illegal aliens within their jurisdictions feel more confident in coming forward to report criminal activity. This is the most patently absurd argument advanced, and proof of this came directly from the mouth of the fiend who murdered 32 year old Kate Steinle along the San Francisco waterfront.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a career criminal, arrested, deported and who returned illegally to the United States five times, told his attorney through a Spanish interpreter that the reason he came to San Francisco was because he knew it was a sanctuary city and he would be safe from further deportation proceedings. How is it that a man with a second grade education was well versed enough in sanctuary cities to know where to safely meld into the fabric of American society?

Just as with the Travel Ban, the defenders of illegal aliens pouring into our country have pulled their three card monte trick once again on the American public. With the speed of light and sleight of hand, the Travel Ban was emasculated with the argument that it was a ban against Moslems… Really?? It was a ban against people, yes all people, traveling from certain countries where the rule of law no longer existed, no less where accurate records establishing the identities of who anyone was existed.

Now we have the President of the United States again being challenged by a partisan in black robes. Just as the 9th Circuit failed to even cite the applicable statutes in connection to blocking the Travel Ban, neither have they cited any applicable statue as a justification for blocking the ban of funds to criminal and lawbreaking sanctuary cities; they can’t cite any, but can only opine that based on the types of funding that might be effected, the ban may be held unconstitutional.

What are we missing here? Does that mean your Federal tax money and my Federal tax money should provide funding for towns, municipalities and even states that decide they are not going to obey Federal law? That is certainly a novel legal concept. My understanding of the Constitution of the United States has always been that immigration fell under the purview of Congress.

Similarly, my understanding of the Constitution with respect to the laws of the land was that the President was charged with their enforcement. I suppose then that President Obama was not on sound Constitutional footing when he threatened school districts with a suspension of Title 10 money for failure to adhere to accommodation for transgender persons? It seems that Obama was lauded for his courageous response to dealing with another aspect of prejudice and discrimination.

Why would President Trump not be equally lauded from seeking to shield the very people he is duly sworn to shield from illegal-alien, predicate-felon, gang-bangers and hoodlums? If the President of the United States is incapable of protecting the American people for fear of being branded as racist or xenophobic, we are doomed as a nation. This is not about fear, rather, it is about rational, common sense!

As far Left groups continue their quest to pull every conceivable lever of funding for legal advocacy, establish action groups and enlist the support of academia, Hollywood and the news media for the purposes of shutting down the Trump administration, the aircraft we are on continues its death spin to final disaster. The movement to take out Trump is evidenced by these kinds of court rulings.

The Left is executing a well devised plan of destroying Trump by not only attacking him mercilessly and personally, but by attacking his Conservative allies as well. Even in government itself, the anti-Trump sentiment is hardly a veiled or diplomatic exercise. When Elizabeth Warren makes a moral equivalent between North Korean madman Kim Jong-un and the current occupant of the White House, what faith can the average American have in elective representatives?

If Americans cannot have the confidence in their political leadership to protect them from harm, what then is the future of our country to be? Is it to be a future of black-hooded and masked street anarchists turning over cars, setting property on fire, denying the right of freedom of speech with respect to views dissenting from their own? This is the vision of America which has been evolving since the start of 2016 Presidential campaign.

With the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the Left is making a final, desperate effort to convert America to a radical, ultra-progressive social program. The soul of our country is at stake, and the stakes have never been higher or more pregnant with unknowable danger.

We are living in a period reminiscent of America on the eve of the Civil War. By the late 1850s, nerves were tattered and frayed, and the growing ball of discontentment hurtled along, on its way to an unstoppable appointment with fate. This happened because reasonable men no longer seemed able to be heard. What is so frightening about the current state of affairs in the United States is that not only are reasonable men no longer being heard, they are petrified to even speak.

The old adage about how evil can flourish only when good people do nothing can be taken one step further; good people have been made to believe that the freedom to discuss, disagree and speak out has legitimacy only when it involves those who engage in evil.

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