Is the Justice Department “Covering Up” the Clinton Email Scandal?

On Fox News’ Sean Hannity show Wednesday evening, the “Great One,” Mark Levin, bemoaned the politicized state of the Justice Department using the failure to properly investigate and pursue Hillary Clinton’s crimes as a prime example of the corruption inherent within the Obama administration.

“Where’s the U.S. attorney general? Silent. Not a word. Where’s the special prosecutor? Where’s Obama’s in appointing it? Nowhere. The United States Justice Department, under this president, is in full cover-up mode.”

Earlier on the show, correspondent Ed Henry explained to Hannity and his viewers that the Clinton campaign was pushing back against the news that her emails were chock-full of classified information, saying that these revelations were all “to be expected.” While the Clinton team can keep repeating this little distortion, it’s just not so. Much of what has already leaked out has been proven to have been considered classified information when it passed through the Clinton’s personal email server as well.

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Meanwhile, Congress is slowly moving forward in their investigation as well, having just subpoenaed former State Department IT specialist Brian Pagliano.
However, it seems that Mr. Pagliano doesn’t want to talk to Congress, as he’s decided to invoke his 5th Amendment rights and will refuse to answer any of their questions.

While this is his right, why in the world would Mr. Pagliano feel the need to do such a thing? If there was nothing amiss with the Clinton’s private server, why would Pagliano decide that he needs to invoke the 5th Amendment guarantee that he need not incriminate himself?

Levin’s concerns about a cover-up ring more true every day that this case drags on without any comment from the Obama administration and without any action from the Justice Department. Each new discovery further proves how little President Obama cares about justice or our nation.

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