Is the American Experiment in Decline?

We can argue all we want about who should be and who must be our next President, but there is much more to this election with regards to our general well being.  Not that choosing the right man isn’t important, but our country is teeter-tottering awfully close to extinction while we all believe that the cure can be had from one individual.

After these seven plus years of transformation, corrections abound. Whether it be in the medical field, the job market, academia, immigration, border security, with pending Judicial appointments, or just renewing our basic American pride and respect, the newly elected president and all Americans face one hell of a work load.

Take for instance the popular “Jessie’s World” skits on Fox News.  His embarrassing on-the-street interviews have become uncomfortable, given this thriving college ignorance.  Audience laughter has “left the building” when the most basic of questions usually sinkholes the campus intellect.  One example: a picture of Ronald Reagan stumps a college coed.  Even with the hint, “he is a past President” didn’t help, but her response does.  She replied that “I’m from Vermont, they don’t teach us about Presidents there.”  This educational disgrace is of intolerable proportions, given its prevailing uniformity.

Concerning the election, too many freedom-loving Americans now believe in the impossible after being swayed by either socialist candidate from the Democrat Party.  This now becomes an allegiance issue which may also be vaguely connected to our previous educational example.  This applied ignorance of all that is America provides fertile ground for dissension, unrest and gullibility, of which the communist tactic of class warfare requires.  If in fact these class struggle arguments prevail, along with this notion of “free” whatever, America’s teeter-tottering is on a short leash.

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god-save-america1What must be realized and acted upon is that no matter the level of education, the totality of anti-American thought is not only current but popular among today’s youth.  Therefore, it is the product of education, much in the manner of a Hitler Youth movement, which can and will topple our Country.  And at this juncture, the effort is nothing if not intentional.

For those of a more established pro-American mindset, who remembers the days when our currency was uniform and unchanging?  Just when did it become fashionable to have fifty different quarters?  Why did State capitals become such a mainstream or popular add-on to our Federal currency and for what purpose?   Who and what justifies the added expense when printing fifty different quarters?

Remember the explanation given for changing our paper currency?  It was to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting.  Without inside knowledge of this so called problem, which has probably been with us ever since paper became legal tender, what enterprising counterfeiter counterfeits five and ten dollar bills?  Isn’t this a bit absurd?  So, with today’s currency being reminiscent more of “monopoly play money,” the times associated with the “good ole American greenback” has become the trivia from a bygone era.

I mention this, as frivolous as it might seem to some, because of an older lady trying to make the right change from her purse the other day.  She said to the cashier, ‘I’m sorry for taking so long but the money is so different that the nickels and quarters look alike.”

Returning to election concerns, who in their right mind sees a problem with providing a pictured ID on Election Day?  Need I repeat all the routine daily transaction?  To say that this is “voter intimidation” or that this is racially driven is just ridiculous and insulting.  One cannot help but notice the intent, since it is obvious that without such a requirement, there is a greater propensity for “stuffing the ballot box.”  Based upon our common interest and benefit in America’s free election process, we need to strap on our big girl and boy britches and say “enough is enough.”

And then just the other day, I personally learned a lesson that our Forefathers no doubt realized.  Across the street, there lives a great family.  Both parents take a keen interest into their children’s upbringing and these teenagers are both courteous and respectful of their elders.  However, the father is not an American citizen and his loyalties understandably lie with his original homeland.

I was talking with his son about school one day and he mentioned that it was really boring.  History in particular is not really delved into and he remarked that he learns more from his father’s father, who as an allied veteran of WWII offers first hand knowledge.  This is a natural process and validates why our Forefathers specifically required that all Presidential candidates be “natural born citizens.”  Further validation lies within the past seven and a half years of the current regime.

Finally, how many of us are amazed and insulted that a candidate is allowed to campaign when so many investigations are taking place?  If our Supreme Court Justices serve under conditions of “good behavior,” should we expect any less of a possible Commander-in-Chief?  This lack of a public outcry rests upon the public’s shoulders.

At the very least, our standards, expectations and acceptances are in decline.  We as a Nation cannot continue this downward spiral, for at some point, we will implode.  For the sake of America, with all her Blessings and opportunities, we must rid ourselves of these divisive agitations and jealousies so as to regain our American footing.  Our intent should remain the same as those who wrote, “in order to form a more perfect union.” Country first!

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