Is Romney Hoping to Replace McCain as a Trump Adversary? [VIDEO]

While some are hoping Mitt Romney will support Team Trump, others want him to replace McCain as the anti-Trump.

It has been my fear that, just when we were about to be free of the “Maverick,” Mitt Romney will be elected to the Senate just in time to replace McCain in his role of hysterical Trump accuser. Those who want him in that role say that Romney has “gravitas, credibility, and stature.” Why? Because he lost a contest that Donald Trump won. Voters rejected Romney. The NeverTrump contingent is putting their hopes on a loser.

The Washington Post reports, “With McCain’s retreat, some turn to Romney to carry his torch.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), at home battling an aggressive form of brain cancer, will not attend this weekend’s Munich Security Conference, an annual gathering of foreign policy leaders from NATO nations that has become a central clearinghouse for global security matters and a celebration of Western values and democratic institutions.


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But with McCain’s retreat comes the reemergence of another man: Mitt Romney, his political rival for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. Romney had been scheduled to begin his campaign for senator from Utah on Thursday, but he delayed the announcement Wednesday “out of respect for the victims and their families” of a shooting at a South Florida high school.

It’s not clear how Romney, a heavy favorite to win, would approach his role as a senator, particularly in the era of Trump. His aides say that on the campaign trail he will avoid the role of chief foil to the president.

But at times, Romney has sounded like just that — and a defender of Western values, and a deep antagonist of Putin and a free-market globalist.


Plenty of other Republicans on Capitol Hill maintain those traditional Republican values of global dominance and free trade, but most of their voices have been quieted in the era of Trump.

“He’ll have a big impact. He comes with immediate gravitas, credibility and stature, and it will be a whole new power structure, I think, in the Senate, as people gravitate to him,” Flake said of Romney.

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