Is Obama Positioning Himself for a 3rd Term?

I’d bet money he’s positioning for it. And with the circus masquerading as a primary season this year, I could see that it’s not beyond a possibility. I will explain why in a minute, but let me clear something up first.

I’m NOT a liberal.

I wrote a piece last week and, in the comments, I was called a liberal. You can call me a lot of things. But that was hitting below the belt. For the record, I’m pro-life, pro-guns, pro-border security, pro “right to not bake cakes you don’t want to bake” and pro- “right to not take pictures you don’t want to take.”

It’s everyone’s lot in life to be misunderstood. But I can only anticipate so many ways that I will be misread when I write. If you want, you can read the article and comments I’m whining about here, as well as some of my clever and pithy responses to the silly things people said, if you’re curious.

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Whether you followed that last week or not, know that what I write here, I’m writing as a conservative and as a Christian, stating what I believe could happen, and with a plea for you to do something so it won’t.

I believe, depending on republican race results and possible agitation in the aftermath, it’s possible Obama could try for a “third term.” I don’t think he wants to give up the white house next January, if he can help it. He certainly thinks he could win another election, if given the chance. He just might have enough of a political and media infrastructure in place to be able to pull it off, at least for a while, provided he can introduce a healthy dose of anarchy in the general populace between now and then.

Because martial law is a curious beast. And if there is enough chaos and rioting because of the “wrong guy” winning the republican primary, and then possibly the election, he just might try to put it into effect.

Analysts tell us Obama has a good familiarity with the Arabic language. He knows the difference between what the radicals say here in English and there in Arabic. He has been labeled a member of the Muslim Brotherhood by Egypt. (They have a vested interest in exposing that. They see the brotherhood as a problem, and him as part of it.) Obama’s one-sided actions between Israel and the rest of the Middle-East seem all too often to reflect a mindset that says, “there is no law but sharia.”

“But,” you say, “that’s impossible. It’s not legal for a president to remain in office for a third term.” True. It’s not legal now. But Bill Clinton floated the idea back in his time, perhaps testing the waters to see if it might fly with the public. Anyone power-hungry might test that one for acceptability. A lot of democrats were all for it at the time.

3rd termA third term is a violation of the 22nd amendment. And the U.S. is a country of laws. Obama has proven that he is a strict constitutionalist. (That was humor, for my critics with short attention spans.)

Martial law is a curious beast. In a severe national breakdown, I could see many like Chris Matthews lining up behind the rhetoric of “benefit of the doubt” for his hero to stay at the helm, if the rioting were over which republican candidate got voted in to replace the king.

So, if there is massive unrest by groups like “black lives matter” – enough to cause a need for martial law, with National Guard action and all – then, if he declares himself king of the White House, how would he be stopped? The Republicans aren’t going to bust into the oval office with guns blazing; the secret service is there to protect him. Just how would you propose getting him out? The courts take a long time to weigh in on these things, and he’s stacked that somewhat in his favor, too. And if the media rallied support for it before the courts ruled against it…

Just remember immediately after 9/11 how the country, as a whole, supported George Bush Jr. as he headed the country into a war. And then think of a dire crisis breaking out over an election, with guns and blood running in the streets in so many major cities, all at once. People are funny creatures.

I have no idea whether he could pull it off. I’m just looking at this from the outside, trying to put some “what if’s” together and explore the possibilities for where they could go (in a “worst case” scenario). There have been riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, longer ago in Los Angeles, longer ago yet in Detroit… and it’s plausible to see it happening simultaneously in many major cities – Miami, New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia… how much National Guard would there be to go around?

But on the other side of this, I will ask: do you pray for this man? Or are you too busy hating what he has done to the country to realize that this problem will not be fixed simply by us all hating what he is doing? This problem with the country these days will also not be fixed merely by getting the “right guy” into the Oval Office, or hating the “wrong guy,” or anyone else.

We’ve been eating, still, of the now over-ripened fruit of freedom which grew on the tree that is now almost dead – the tree that grew in the soil of previous generations which recognized and acknowledged that our abundance, our freedoms and our ability to flourish come from the hand of a sovereign, just and holy God.

We enjoy the freedom. Some of us see the license, and are stunned at how many people now confuse the two. Too many people with too many lists of expectations, with too many dirty politicians pandering to them just to stay in office is a recipe for anarchy.

But I don’t believe it needs to go that way. And so, here is my plea.

I believe God, in His love and mercy, still sees the sands from the hourglass of our forefathers, and the covenant He made with them as they founded the country. I also believe God is looking for a people who will get on their knees and pray for righteousness to flood the land, to turn people’s hearts back to Him, including the heart of Barack Obama and the hearts of those caught up in the rhetoric of the “black lives matter” hate machine.

Vote. Do your best to get the right guy into office. But in the end, the “right guy” will only end up in office when a critical mass of the population recognizes what the right guy looks like because they come back to God on their knees in repentance.

Otherwise, we get what we deserve.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.”

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