Is #MeToo an Establishment Weapon for Taking Out Enemies?

Trevor FitzGibbon did work for clients associated with Wikileaks and says soon afterwards was attacked by several false accusations of rape

A PR executive claims that the Establishment weapon of false rape charges destroyed his life.

Trevor FitzGibbon did work for clients associated with Wikileaks and says soon afterwards was attacked by several false accusations of rape. He was interviewed by the heroic journalist Sharyl Attkinsson and it seems that the #MeToo accusations are being used as an establishment weapon.

The show, “Shades of Grey,” was shown last night on her program, Full Measure News. Here’s part of the transcript posted as a teaser:

FitzGibbon: He said, “You have a problem.” And I said, “What’s wrong?” He said, “Well, in the past 48 hours, H.R. has gotten six phone calls all accusing you of sexual harassment.” And my heart kind of fell.

Before that call, FitzGibbon had angered some fellow liberals for his support of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and for representing clients connected to WikiLeaks. He represented Bradley Manning— who passed classified materials to WikiLeaks. Edward Snowden— the government whistleblower WikiLeaks once helped. The journalist Snowden leaked to: Glenn Greenwald… And he represented WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks connection will come into play later. FitzGibbon says after the HR phone call, before he even knew who his accusers were, they had gone to the national press.

FitzGibbon: And it’s really interesting to see the Huffington Post because at first they say it was harassment. A few hours later it was assault. And then, that got spun into rape culture.

Inside of 2 weeks— FitzGibbon’s staff had turned on him, his company shut down. With help from feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, three women filed criminal complaints. One of them, attorney Jesselyn Radack, claimed FitzGibbon— “touched her breast” against her will, then days later, when she met up with him at a hotel, raped her.

FitzGibbon: It was 100 percent consensual.

Sharyl: You did have sexual relations with her?

FitzGibbon: Yes but that was 100 percent consensual.

Here’s where shades of grey color the picture. FitzGibbon admits to “inappropriate behavior” toward female employees, and to cheating on his wife with Radack, but nothing criminal. Evidence he gave prosecutors included friendly sexual text messages and photos allegedly sent by Radack before and after the alleged assaults.

FitzGibbon: Text messages, photos that she sent me after the first alleged assault took place. And then afterwards, being very happy.

After reviewing the text messages and conducting a lengthy investigation, prosecutors “declined to file criminal charges.”

But that took a year. In the meantime, FitzGibbon was regarded as a pariah. He wasn’t accused of some impropriety; he was an alleged rapist. Now that nothing has come of the charges, his life is permanantly altered.

Many have warned that the #MeToo movement could lead to bad things:

But this is more specific. If the media amplifies your accusations, you can destroy a man’s life based on nothing but your word. This puts a weapon that can neutralize enemies in the hands of the establishment.

FitzGibbon should have been faithful to his wife, and followed the Mike Pence rule. But that doesn’t justify false accusations.

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