Is ISIS Wreaking Havoc… in Philadelphia?

Is ISIS Wreaking Havoc… in Philaphia? A gang of men claiming to be ISIS devotees was recently caught on camera brutally beating a pair of men in Philaphia, PA.

I hesitate to believe that the men in this story, who claim to be supporters of ISIS, are actually members of the Muslim terrorist organization. It is far more likely that they are simple, common criminals with a thirst for blood. However, in recent years Philadelphia has become a hotbed of radical Islam and there have already been a couple of violent episodes associated with Islamic terrorism in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Back on June 11th a few friends stopped in at one of the world’s most famous “Philly Cheesesteak” joints, Geno’s Steaks, hoping to enjoy one of their signature dishes. After finishing their meal, one of the members of the group asked a group of men standing nearby for a cigarette… which is when the evening collapsed into chaos. The men first pushed and berated the woman, then they did the same to a friend who came to her aid, but when the two womens’ dates intervened, the group of men exploded in rage.

Patrick Kane was one of the victims, and he told what happened next:

‘Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS,'” Kane said the man shouted at them…

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“What went from putting hands on two girls became five guys attacking us,” said Kane.

Patrick Kane said one man punched him in the nose, which started bleeding. He was then punched in the back of the head by another man and hit twice in the eye. He remembers Brooke screaming at bystanders for help and to call police, the five men running off, someone from Geno’s giving him a bag of ice and police and EMTs arriving on the scene.



So, was it a radical Muslim attack, or just a bunch of thugs shouting something stupid before committing a crime? The Philly police aren’t saying which of these it is, yet.

While the Philadelphia police department does have full video of the assault, they’ve chosen not to release it to the public because the content is just too graphic. However, they have released some of the video as well as screenshots and stills from the video in the hopes of identifying and capturing these violent criminals.

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