Is ISIS an Actual Threat, or are They a ‘Paper Tiger?’ [VIDEO]

At least over the past few decades, American foreign policy has had nothing to do with protecting the U.S. American foreign policy creators don’t care one bit about fighting terrorism, or winning the “War on Terror.” They don’t care about “making the world safe for Democracy”; they don’t care about “free elections”; and they don’t care about “liberating” countries and cities under the control of terrorists.

For years, the speculation has been that the U.S. and its allies are there in the Middle East primarily to secure our oil interests. And the whole Osama bin Laden/Al-Qaeda/ISIS thing has simply been the fabricated justification for our presence there.

If the U.S. policy makers actually told the American people the truth about why we’re fighting in the Middle East, they’d lose the support of the American people overnight. So, they resort to fear-mongering. They terrorize us with gory stories of butchery and beheadings for the express purpose of keeping us scared to death and therefore in full support of our potentially indefinite military presence in the Middle East.

This is not to say that those gory accounts of rape and beheadings of women and children don’t happen. They certainly do.

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And there is a way to make it stop, but no policy maker or media pundit will fess up to the real solution. They’ll simply drone on about how we’re going to “liberate” Mosul, or how we need to move troops to another region, or how we need to train more native soldiers. If these pundits and politicians really want to win the “War on Terror,” here’s a novel idea:  Stop giving terrorist groups money, weapons, and training. 

Of course, that would defeat the whole purpose. If we and our allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia all of a sudden stopped providing material and financial support to these groups, they’d cease to exist!

Donald Trump came under fire for saying that Obama and Hillary were the “founders” of ISIS. I think he was more right than he meant to be. The reality is that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are the creation of U.S. foreign policy in the same way that the Mujahideen and Osama bin Laden were.

This isn’t a partisan attack. It’s been going in this country for decades with the involvement of both Republicans and Democrats. We’re playing the same tried-and-true “divide-and-conquer” game that’s been used by dictatorships for millennia.

So, the question is:  Is ISIS an actual threat, or are they a “paper tiger” that’s being blown way out of proportion by the U.S. media?

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