Is Dr. Ben Carson’s Campaign for President Collapsing Around Him?

A recent report in the Washington Post seems to indicate that things in the Ben Carson campaign may not be going so well right now and that we could be witnessing the opening act of his campaigns collapse.


The presidential candidacy of Ben Carson, a tea party star who has catapulted into the top tier of Republican contenders, has been rocked by turmoil with the departures of four senior campaign officials and widespread disarray among his allied super PACs.

In interviews Friday, Carson’s associates described a political network in tumult, saying the retired neurosurgeon’s campaign chairman, national finance chairman, deputy campaign manager and general counsel have resigned since Carson formally launched his bid last month in Detroit. They have not been replaced, campaign aides said.

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The moves gutted the core of Carson’s apparatus and left the 63-year-old first-time candidate with only a handful of experienced advisers at his side as he navigates the fluid, crowded and high-stakes contest for the Republican nomination…

But his campaign has been marked by signs of dysfunction and amateurism, alarming supporters who privately worry that Carson’s sprawling circle of boosters is fumbling his opportunity. And, they argue, the candidate has been nonchalant about the unrest.


Ben Carson Explains Why a Doctor Should be PresidentThis would be sad news for many GOP voters who have enjoyed Carson’s plain spoken speeches and the energy he has brought to the campaign. Carson has become a rockstar in conservative circles, even though his unpracticed politicking has caused him more than a few problems. Carson also carries more than a few political views that don’t exactly mesh with the conservative wing of the GOP. Nevertheless, conservatives have flocked to his side, seeing his campaign as an opportunity to push the party to the right and knock the establishment down a few pegs.

If Carson’s campaign does indeed collapse, it will be interesting to see if his supporters return to the establishment or find refuge with one of the other conservative candidates. In fact, which candidate most of Carson’s supporters choose will prove quite interesting indeed – will they go with the diehard conservatives like Paul, Cruz or Perry? Or with a social conservative like Huckabee or Santorum?

For his part, Dr. Carson says that we won’t be finding that out anytime soon. According to Dr. Carson, everything is fine and there is no reason to panic.


Ben Carson strongly pushed back Saturday against a published report that suggested his presidential campaign was in turmoil amid the departure of several senior officials.

“There were four members of our staff who planned to transition off when we went from an exploratory committee to a campaign,” the retired neurosurgeon told CNN’s Dana Bash. “And they were going to move to another area, and they had to be separated from the campaign for a certain period of time before they could do that. That was completely planned, and in terms of turmoil, things could not be better.

“I mean, we’ve had over 140,000 new donations in the last two months, social media is going well, you know we’re doing well in the polls,” he continued. “It’s hard to imagine that things could be going any better. So, if that’s what chaos is, bring it on.”


So, is he on the way out, or isn’t he? Only time will tell, but if he wants to stick around, he’s got some work to do. He currently sits in 4th place among GOP Presidential candidates and he’s got Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz right behind him. We’ll see how he responds now that the media seems to be exerting some “tabloid” pressure on his campaign.

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