Is a TV Show Exposing How President Clinton Would Have Ruled?

Some think Homeland is criticizing Trump, but the villain is obviously modeled on President Clinton.

Like many others in the media, the writers for the Homeland TV series expected Season 7 to air with President Clinton in the Oval office. But that didn’t happen. The world of Homeland diverged even more from the real world.

It looks like they are changing the character of the female president in a dark direction.

Entertainment Weekly reports, “Homeland season 7 trailer: The president must be stopped.

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If you’re looking to figure out what Homeland might be trying to say about our current administration … well, it’s trickier than it looks. The show banked on Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 while making season 6, then recalibrated a bit midway through after Donald Trump won. Keene was originally presented as a liberal and sympathetic figure until the season’s climactic assassination attempt, after which she went on an authoritarian warpath, which is where this alternate D.C. universe finds itself now.

Read the entire Entertainment Weekly story.

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