Is a Reckoning Near for Corrupt Federal Officials?

I hate to recommend the National Review, but Victor Davis Hansen has been, as the saying goes, “or fire” lately.

Victor Davis Hansen predicts that “a reckoning is near” for Clintonian corruption.

I hate to recommend the National Review, but Victor Davis Hansen has been, as the saying goes, “on fire” lately. Yesterday’s editorial on the Mueller investigation was amazing. We all know that the deep state stays empowered through overwhelming hypocrisy, but the double standards have come at us so fast, it is hard to remember them all. Hanson does us all a favor by writing: “The Double Standards of the Mueller Investigation.” He lists many of them. For example:

Mueller’s team apparently has assumed that Michael Cohen’s status as Trump’s attorney offers no protections under normal attorney-client privilege protocols.

If that is true, the DOJ will have to investigate why the FBI allowed Clinton aide Cheryl Mills to pose as Clinton’s attorney and thereby be shielded from providing testimony on what she knew about the email scandal involving her “client.”

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And Hanson concludes that there will be a reckoning:

Mueller has searched far and wide for wrongdoing but so far has found little. Meanwhile, there is plenty of other wrongdoing already found, but no one seems to be looking at it.

Flynn, Cohen, and other Trump aides are considered small enough fry to go after. Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and others seem big enough fry to leave alone.

No one thought Hillary Clinton would blow the election. Top Obama officials at the FBI, DOJ, intelligence agencies, and National Security Council believed in 2015 and 2016 that they could ignore laws with impunity because a protective Clinton administration would soon be in power.

Politics have infected these investigations. Trump was seen as a threat to the status quo, and FBI and DOJ lawbreakers were seen as custodians of it.

The more Mueller searches for hypothetical lawbreaking, the more he is inadvertently underscoring that actual lawbreakers must be subject to the same standard of justice. Ironically, Mueller’s investigation has reminded America that it is past time to call Comey, McCabe, and a host of Obama-era DOJ and FBI officials to account.

For over a year, we have had two standards of legality when there can only be one.

A reckoning is near.

Is Hanson right? A friends wrote to me:

Beautiful in theory, but I do not believe it’s going to happen. It’s clear there are two sets of standards in effect, and some people are more equal than others. I’m past “I’ll believe it when I see it” and all the way to “I flat out believe it’s not going to happen.”

What do you think?

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