IRS Commissioner tells Congress “Whenever we can, we follow the law.”

In an astounding confession, or admission, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Chairman of the U.S. House-Senate Joint Economic Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady, (R-TX) that the IRS sure does its best to follow the laws of the land… when they can.

The IRS chief’s off-handed remark:


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Chairman Brady was questioning how the IRS would be handling part of the Obamacare collections process, specifically dealing with folks who receive subsidies but turn down coverage – when Koskinen let fly with this little gem.

“Whenever we can, we follow the law.” 

This sheer ridiculousness of this moment struck Brady and it took him several moments to recover. Then with a wry, knowing smile on his face and a bit of a falter in his voice he replied, “I encourage you to follow the law in all instances.”

I’m sure IRS Commissioner Koskinen thought he was being funny, but in times like these, when the American people have no faith in the IRS or any other branch of the federal government… he was being too cute by half. The reason that conservative Congressmen are grilling Koskinen in the first place is because the IRS spent years brazenly breaking the laws in numerous ways, all in an effort to marginalize innocent Americans and pervert our political processes. So, I’m sorry, Mr. Koskinen, if some conservatives don’t find your comment humorous – for us, they hit way too close to home.

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