Iraqi Women Beg for Death Instead of Facing what ISIS has Planned

Dueling reports from the Washington Post and the UK’s Daily Mail tell the harrowing stories that are slowly leaking out from the front lines in Iraq. The stories are both heartbreaking and terrifying, as they showcase the brutality of Islam and the pain of families being broken apart in the most violent and traumatic ways possible.

The Daily Mail told the story of a pair of Iraqi Yazidi girls being held captive after their village was attacked, the men slaughtered and the women carried off into slavery.

The girls were among almost 100 who had been carried off into slavery after their town had been decimated by ISIS. The girls were sure that they had been sold into slavery, but that was less troubling than the fear that their innocence would be violated. ‘We are sure they have sold us. We do not fear for our lives but for our dignity as women.’
Another woman who’d been captured told her husband that she hoped the USA would bomb her prison, with her inside, so that she wouldn’t become the property of some terrorist.

‘Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us.’ She added death would be a better fate than to ‘be forced off with a strange man.’

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YazidiThe Washington Post takes a more reserved position saying that they believe stories of rampant rape and sexual slavery may be exaggerated, but the murders of Yazidi men have most certainly been true.

In one story recounted by the WP, an entire village, about 80 men, were lined up and summarily executed as their wives, daughters and sisters were carried off. The tragedy doesn’t end there, as the female family members are also usually split up as well, with the younger girls being separated from the older women – leaving these families to worry and wonder about the fate of their loved ones. These younger women are then given a choice – convert to Islam and be married off to an ISIS terrorist or die as a heretic.

Media outlets have been able to confirm a number of rumored horrors with the help of the UN and eye witness accounts.

Horrifically, we can reveal:

A doctor conducts virginity tests to ensure women are ‘pure’ enough for the jihadists.

lS leaders have sanctioned ‘Jihad al Niqah’, an extreme form of sexual holy war that permits fighters to take any women they want. (While ISIS fighters may be told not to touch the non-Muslim women.. the Muslim women – especially the Shia women – seem to be fair game.)

Seized women are being handed as gifts to IS fighters, starved into submission and sold off as slaves, while children are stolen to be raised as Muslims and scores of men face conversion or death.

lS guards warning captives they will get four chances to convert. Twice they will be asked politely; the third time they will be whipped with a leather strap; if they still refuse at the fourth time of asking, they face death.

An official with IS’s religious guards confirmed the atrocities.

The detailed evidence comes from captive women talking from their prisons, dozens of desperate families, a leaked United Nations report and activists collating information amid the chaos of Iraqi Kurdistan with 200,000 refugees driven from their homes by militants.

Today, we are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises of the last 50 years. How will we respond? Will we shut out ears and our eyes to the horror and pray that it simply goes away? Or will we be an active part of the solution?

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