Iraqi Christians Facing a Holocaust

Over the weekend the Islamic monsters who make up ISIS gave a brutal command to the Christians in the territory they rule. “for Christians to evacuate themselves … only to later end on Saturday, September 21 at noon … After this deadline, there is nothing left between us and them, but the sword.” 

ISIS order

The only way for Christians to ensure that they survive would be to flee ISIS territory in less than 24 hours.

Already, ISIS had been clamping down on the local Christian minority – demanding that Christians be fired from their jobs and marking their homes and businesses with the Arabic letter “N” which stands for “Nusrani” or Nazarene or Christian.

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There is a way for Christians to escape murder or flight… all they would have to do is pay a poll tax. However, a poll tax is not simply a financial obligation. In Islam, the poll tax is much more akin to permanent indentured servitude or slavery. It requires dressing in a manner different from everyone else so that you are easily identifiable to the community, and is eerily reminiscent of how the Jews were treated during the Nazi reign in Europe.

(For more on this read here.)

Christians have been fleeing ISIS controlled Iraq and Syria for weeks now in an exodus that is unparalleled in the regions recent history. But their flight is becoming all too common throughout the Islamic World, as Muslim nations do their best to purge themselves of all remnants of the Christian faith.

Chaldean patriarch Louis Sako, who heads Iraq’s largest Christian community, said the terrifying ultimatum had been relayed by mosques in ISIS-controlled Mosul. 

He told AFP: ‘Christian families are on their way to Dohuk and Arbil [in Kurdistan]. For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.’

Most Christians in the northwestern Nineveh province fled in terror after jihadist-led militants enforcing an extreme version of sharia – or Islamic law – launched an offensive on June 9.

But many of the poorest families returned when the fighting stopped and ISIS started administering the city.

Mr Sako said the number of Christians who were still in Mosul on Thursday was around 25,000.

Today, Human Rights Watch said the Islamic State ‘seems intent on wiping out all traces of minority groups from areas it now controls in Iraq.’

According to other sources, by the weekend almost all Christians had fled Mosul in search of haven elsewhere. Sadly, some simply cannot leave.

Most Christians have fled already but according to sources, there are 250 Christian families left behind unable to leave and face persecution or slaughter.

We at Eagle Rising fear for the safety of our brothers and sisters all over the Islamic world… but in particular, for those facing persecution today from the evil fascist ISIS regime. We ask that you might stand with us to support them and make their plight known throughout the world.

N - Nusrani - Christian

This is the letter “N” in Arabic. We would ask that you change your social media profile picture to this. When your friends and family ask you what it means, please tell them about the dangers our brothers and sisters in Christ face in the Islamic world.

Tell them that ISIS is marking their homes and demanding money in exchange for their lives. Tell them that today Muslim soldiers are terrorizing, raping and killing innocent men, women and children… simply because they are Christians.

This is not something for the history books. This did not happen in the Middle Ages. This is happening now. And we can do something about it, if we work together. If we demand that our government apply pressure on governments throughout the Islamic world – specifically on this subject, we can affect change.

Will you join us in spreading the word of the evil works being committed in the name of Islam?

Let us fight in the ways that we are able.

Let us do what is within our power to help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being asked to bear such a heavy burden, a burden that none of us is yet being asked to bear.

Yes, pray for them. But we can also act.


The Violence has already begun

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