Iraqi Christian Girl Explains Why She Doesn’t Hate ISIS and How She Knows God Loves Her

SAT-7 is an Arabic language Christian TV Station in the Middle East and North Africa that is quickly becoming famous for their reporting on the stories that other Arabic language networks won’t touch – namely, the stories of persecuted Arabic Christians.

Just last week they reported on a young girl from the Iraqi city of Qaraqosh whose family was forced to flee the coming onslaught of the ISIS criminals.

A reporter with SAT-7 was visiting an Iraqi refugee camp to speak with displaced Iraqis (Christians in particular), when he ran across a young girl named Myriam. He asked Myriam about her experiences, her emotions and her faith, and Myriam’s responses warm the heart and remind us of life’s most important things.

It’s a beautiful and important testimony of God’s love from the mouth of a child. Her story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at once. We pray for our brothers and sisters being persecuted the world over. We pray for their faith and persevere, and for our God to bring himself glory through their faith.

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Do yourself a favor and watch the whole interview – I dare you not to shed a tear over this beautiful little girl’s story and faith.


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