In Iraq – Children Drinking Parents Blood to Survive

I cannot imagine the horror of trying to will your children to survive being besieged by terrorists. Iraqi Yazidi parents are currently living that nightmare. Trapped in the mountains of western Iraq by ISIS forces with blood on their hands and murder in their hearts, these parents have run out of all but hope to give their kids. Water is disappearing, food is in terribly short supply – for some things have gotten so bad that distraught parents are cutting their own hands so that their children can find some relief for their thirst.

“They’ve told us harrowing stories,” she said. “One man has just told us how he saw four children die of thirst. There was nowhere to bury them on the mountain so they just put rocks on their bodies.

“Another man was saying the children were so thirsty, their parents started cutting their own hands and giving them blood to drink.

While several thousand have managed to escape the siege, almost 30,000 people remain trapped on Mount Sinjar in Iraq. A situation so dire, so terrible, that one British aid worker called is a “heartbreaking humanitarian crisis.”

Sky News recently shot video of a recent rescue mission that helped several dozen escape the horrible conditions.

“There is still a big humanitarian crisis going on – what I saw was heartbreaking,” British Kurd Taban Shoresh told Sky News.

“We need to do something to rescue those people – 30,000 people trapped on a mountain by IS in fear of extermination. There is no way out – the only way to get to them is by helicopter.

mount sinjarThey’ve got absolutely nothing, and I can’t stress this enough. No food, no water. They’re dehydrated. They’ve got no clothes, their shoes have been worn off. It is extremely hot and exposed to the sun.

This is the first time in history where 30,000 people have been trapped on a mountain in fear of being killed – all the leaders need to come together and figure out the best way to rescue these people. We can’t watch 30,000 people die.”

Why would these people risk starvation, dehydration or death by exposure? Because the only other alternative is death at the hands of ISIS.

If ISIS is killing the men, what does that mean they have in store for the women in children? If what we’ve read elsewhere (See here, here and here) is true… nothing good. Perhaps these people can find real hope soon because the US Military is on the way. Reports are that special forces have landed at Mount Sinjar and are working on a way to get everyone out safely. We may not like hearing about American “boots on the ground” in the Middle East… but at least we know the mission is pure. Saving 30,000 souls from the murderous clutches of ISIS. The question is, now that we have “boots on the ground” – what comes next?


UPDATE: Apparently we’ve had soldiers on the mountain for at least a few days now…

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