Is Iran Pulling the Wool Over Obama’s Eyes?

Some terrifying news from one Fox News military and Middle Eastern expert, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. On the heels of the disastrous State of the Union speech and President Obama’s insistence on playing favorites with Iran (while they continue to work to oppose us), Iran seems to be working towards building a new Persian Empire.

Whether it’s one of their Generals being killed on Israel’s border, or their fingerprints in Yemen, Syria or Afghanistan… Iran seems to pop up everywhere there is trouble. Yet the Obama administration seems to be deliberately missing all of the signs.


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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: President Obama wants a nuclear deal, however bad, with Iran so desperately that he is ignoring phenomenal changes in the Middle East — all to our disadvantage. 

Just one part is Iran. Iran, under our noses, while our eyes are closed, is building a new Persian Empire. While we’re focused on ISIS, and that’s important to focus on, it is growing even spreading to Afghanistan…

Iran is acting in Yemen, as we’ve seen in the last several days, backing Houthi rebels. Iran is acting in Syria, backing the Assad regime, It backs Hezbollah, it is really on the way while our Air Force helps Iran’s ground efforts in Iraq, Iran is on track to gobble up over the next few years Western Afghanistan, all of Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, extending its vassal state in Syria, Lebanon.

Can the President value his “legacy” so highly that he would be willing to risk sending the world into a 3rd World War? Is he so pig-headed that he would risk allowing a soon-to-be nuclear Iran an opportunity to build a Middle Eastern Empire?

All of the signs point to… yes.

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