Investigate What!?

Does everything in Washington rate an investigation?  Well probably, everything and everybody but, when the stuff hits the fan, as our loss of uranium finally has, mounting an investigation comes a wee bit late!

Never-the-less, when push comes to shove or when these bloviating public servants finally run out of alibis, finger pointing or excuses, out comes their press conference announcing that “it’s high time that we initiate a congressional investigation” into so and so.  This is meant to prove to their back homers that they are really serious this time.

When consider today’s prima facia type of evidence, can someone point to what still needs investigating?  Obviously, the ongoing investigative concoction surrounding Trump and the Russians has worn very thin.  For it to take place without any “probable cause,” such a query sadly defines how politically mischievous these Congressional peep shows have become.

Let me get this straight; now we’re expected to cheer an investigation of a crime “after” the facts have been broadcasted verses the “before” investigation based upon rumors/suggestions and which continues without one finding?   This would be a horse bleep insult, I mean, the uranium cards are now on the table, and with the added feature of willing testimony from four years of undercover work, future evidence could be voluminous.

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Without trampling into the bureaucratic weeds of the House Judiciary Committee or the House Oversight and the Intelligence Committee, what we have here is the loss of a sizeable portion of our Country’s uranium supply. This fact was made possible by obtaining permission from a nine member entity known as CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States).  And the vote was unanimous!

This means that all the major cabinet secretaries, State, Defense, Treasury, Homeland Security, Commerce, Energy and our questionable Attorney General, along with two White House representatives, voted to transfer 20% of America’s uranium over to Russian control.  In a more logical or non-governmental setting, such disloyalty would be dimly noted and addressed severely.  While our law states it’s illegal for uranium to leave our country,  this illegal sale landed up in Canada, before being shipped overseas.

So at this point, what America needs is for our current Justice Department to step up to the plate and issue the proper charges against the many involved.  Short of obtaining confessions, which would be a lost cause from such characters, I think the long sought after “smoking gun,” elusive in so many prior instances, has finally surfaced and has been embraced by most Americans.

Given the high status afforded to our Country’s chief diplomat, the position of Secretary of State should mean far more than fancy dinners, dancing with dignitaries or being the guest speaker at festive ribbon cutting ceremonies. One would assume that this position carries a responsibility commiserate with the highest of security clearances.

Secretary Clinton’s infamous but useful memory losses of the past now encourages her to just flatly deny or dismiss any wrong doing.   She assumes that with a smile and a simple wave of the hand she will be fine and totally believed.  Excuse me, you were America’s top diplomat at the time of this treasonous transfer, so your usual tactics won’t cut it this time!

With this horse out of the barn, just what is left to investigate?  Any Congressional investigation will only be viewed as a needless expenditure, considering the details which have already been reported and the treasure trove of additional data which awaits discovery.  So the next step should be the most burdensome; the heavy lifting of accountability, of shouldering the responsibility of one’s office by serving warrants to the highly placed.

Sadly, there is talk that all who are involved will never see “jail time.”  If this turns out to be our reality, if not treason, what crime by the high and mighty will be important enough to warrant a lawful accounting?  And if this reckless behavior is to be our future, well then, much more was lost than just uranium.  And that is a price that none of these weasels are worthy of!

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