Intruders Target Home of Armed Elderly Man. Doesn’t End Well for Them!

The armed elderly man testified to the news crew that Jesus helped him shoot straight.

One home intruder is dead and the other fled after they were confronted by the armed elderly man in the dark. The intruders laid hands on the 84-year-old and tried to scuffle with him on the floor. He shot once, and the bullet went through one criminal’s chest; the other fled.

The police never found the bullet so it is possible that the surviving intruder may be wounded.

You can be a good man with a gun no matter how old you are.

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The Washington Times reports, “Korean War veteran shoots, kills home invader: ‘God has always been with me.’

A Korean War veteran who spent 16 months on the front lines told reporters on Friday that God was with him when two men broke into his home.


“I’ve never been afraid in my life. God has always been with me and I’m a hard believer in God and Jesus Christ,” Mr. Lutz said. “God is with me tonight. Believe me: He’s there, honey. Don’t ever doubt that he’s there.”

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