Interracial Marriage is NOT the Same as Same-Sex Marriage

The homosexual movement has hitched its wagon to the racial equality train. In days past, interracial marriages were prohibited by law in some states. Homosexuality was prohibited by law in every state. The laws have since changed concerning interracial marriages; therefore, the laws should change for same-sex marriage.

Is this a legitimate analogy? It’s not. First, same-sex marriage wasn’t even a consideration when anti-interracial marriages were outlawed.

Second, homosexuality was against the law for everybody. While interracial marriage was illegal in some states, homosexuality was illegal for everybody.

Third, adultery, bigamy, and polygamy were also against the law for all races.

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Fourth, race is not a sex act.

Fifth, there are a majority of blacks who resent the comparison between the sex act of homosexuality and race equality.

Sixth, laws against “race mixing” and “miscegenation” were about racial purity. They emerged during a time when white supremacy was in vogue and eugenics was considered to be scientifically and legally (by the Supreme Court no less) legitimate.


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