Internet Trolls Attack Melania for Cheerful Christmas Selfie

First Lady Melania Trump took a playful, cheerful snapshot of herself with a Christmas smart filter. It appeared to place a knitted Santa hat decorated with reindeer on her head, as well as a glowing halo of golden, prancing deer.

Upon posting the posting the photo to Twitter on Monday morning, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, she was attacked and harassed by internet trolls.

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Although Melania simply wanted to wish a happy holiday, the responses quickly turned into an argument of who really gets to have a “merry” Christmas. Not only did they hound her for things beyond her control, but they also claimed her “duck face” was classless.

One Twitter account known as “The Socialist Party” tweeted in response, “Unless You’re one of the millions poor and deprived by wealthy scum.” The name of the account alone should tell you that they are crazy.

It’s not like this is a portrait to be hung in the White House. It was just a fun photo meant to make people smile. Not to mention, Melania is absolutely gorgeous in the snapshot!

If it were Michelle Obama, people would have been praising her for being “woke” and “hip” in using social media and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Why are Melania and Michelle held to different standards?



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