The Internet Sales Tax = Welfare for Liberal Politicians!

Fight Back #NoNetTax

Senator Ted Cruz continues to wage war for Internet freedom and commerce. He has just released an awesome new ad explaining why it seems that liberal politicians are very excited to se a new internet retail tax get passed.

Online retailers shouldn’t have to serve as tax collectors for politicians who don’t represent them! ‪#‎NoNetTax


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internet sales taxJoin with Senator Cruz and fight back against the government’s attempt to tax online retailers. These products are taxed at so many different points in the consumer process already, Washington is simply working overtime to find new ways to tax us. Don’t let them do it.


Last year the Heritage Foundation put together a little video explaining why even Democrats should be against the Internet Sales Tax.



Steve Daines of the Washington Times points out what may be the biggest flaw… 50 different states with 45 different (and fluctuating) sales tax numbers.

In addition to the direct costs for consumers, compliance will cost small-business owners both time and money.

Only five states, including my home state of Montana, have no sales tax. Online retailers will have to contend with the constantly fluctuating sales tax codes of 45 states and 9,600 local jurisdictions.

Think about Virginia’s back-to-school tax holiday or the “Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week.” How could small online retailers possibly keep up with perpetual fluctuation across nearly 10,000 jurisdictions?

The “Marketplace Fairness Act,” which is the newspeak name for the Internet Sales Tax, is a bad idea for all of us. Help Ted Cruz kill the measure. Contact your representatives and tell them to shut that idea down.

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