Internet Mogul Warns that Wikileaks would be “Hillary’s Worst Nightmare” in 2016

Internet mogul, founder of MegaUpload and the Internet Party, Kim Dotcom has a message for Americans… Julian Assange will be “Hillary’s Worst Nightmare” in 2016. Why, you ask? Because Julian Assange (erstwhile founder of WikiLeaks) has access to information.

Assange became famous as the founder of WikiLeaks, the website that released thousands of classified government secrets onto the Internet. He now lives in hiding the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, afraid to come out because British police want him arrested (as do law enforcement agencies in many other nations). Many (like Kim Dotcom himself) view Assange as a hero because he uncovered the fact that several world governments were breaking their own laws… but in doing so he made himself a target of those nations and an international pariah.

This interview with Kim Dotcom raises many questions… in particular, what might Julian Assange know that could destroy Hillary’s 2016 candidacy?


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Kim Dotcom: So what [Wikileaks founder] Julian Assange is doing is a spotlight on all these secrets…

I like these guys. I look up to them. I think they are very brave. And they are going through a very hard time, and they chose to do that for the betterment of all of us…

I think there is a big group of people out there who disagree about what is going on. They want to have their privacy back, they want to have internet freedom.

Question: You tweeted that you were going to be “Hillary’s worst nightmare” in 2016, how so?

Kim Dotcom: Well, I have to say it is probably more Julian. But I’m aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her. So, I can provide some transparency with these people and make them part of what the Internet Party stands for, then I will be happy to do that.

Question: You’re saying Julian Assange will be Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016?

Kim Dotcom: I think so, yeah. Well, he has access to information.

Qustion: Why Hillary in particular?

Kim Dotcom: Hillary hates Julian, she is just an adversary of internet freedom.

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