Internal Email: Hillary Campaign Blames FBI Director for Election Loss

The leaks keep on coming. Except this time, the internal email wasn’t published by WikiLeaks. Somehow, Politico got a hold of it, and so far, they haven’t divulged how.

The email was dated November 10th, just a couple days after election day. They thought that if the election had happened just a week early, Hillary would have won in a landslide. But what destroyed her chances was FBI Director Comey’s letters, particularly the second, which effectively exonerated her.

According to the internal email from Navin Nayak and addressed to “Senior Staff,” Comey’s second letter was what energized Trump’s base to show up at the polls:

“We believe that we lost this election in the last week. Comey’s letter in the last 11 days of the election both helped depress our turnout and also drove away some of our critical support among college-educated white voters—particularly in the suburbs. We also think Comey’s 2nd letter, which was intended to absolve Sec. Clinton, actually helped to bolster Trump’s turnout.”

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“Everything changed in the last week,” read a bullet point from the email. “Voters who decided in the last week broke for Trump by a larger margin (42-47). These numbers were even more exaggerated in the key battleground states.”

The letter referenced the fact that eleven days prior to the election, Comey sent out his first letter, which “likely helped to depress turnout among Hillary’s supporters” and “made Sec. Clinton’s e-mail the focus of the campaign for half of the remaining 10 days.”

In addition, the email notes that there was a record number of early voters which led to a significant drop in turnout on election day, “particularly among Hillary supporters.”

Two days before the election, Comey sent out his second letter, which “energized Trump supporters.” The email concludes:

“There is no question that a week from Election Day, Sec. Clinton was poised for a historic win. In the end, less than 110K votes out of tens of millions cast on Election Day made the difference in this race. It is worth noting that Jill Stein alone got 130K votes in those three states—and though her votes don’t distribute perfectly to cover the margin across the three states, it is an important reminder of the influence of 3rd party votes.

“In the end, late breaking developments in the race proved one hurdle too many for us to overcome.”

There were many factors that led to Hillary’s defeat. There would have been no FBI investigation in the first place if her hands had been clean. I admit that Comey’s timing was curious, but I don’t think it had much effect on Hillary’s supporters. Even Hillary herself said that voters decided a long time ago whether her email woes were a big deal.

Hillary’s supporters were going to vote for her, regardless of whether or not she was under investigation. Her supporters always disregarded the investigation as a political dog and pony show.

In the end, I don’t think it was the FBI that brought Hillary down. It was that there were more people across the nation who really, really didn’t want her to be president, compared to those who didn’t want Trump.

Interestingly, according to Bev Harris, Hillary – or those working for her – actually did try to mess with the votes in certain key counties, but it wasn’t sufficient to stop the Trump landslide.

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