Insight into Chicago Criminal & Prison Culture: Inmates Masturbate at Public Defenders

Chicago prison culture coddles criminals and cultivates barbaric behavior before unleashing it back on society.

The first thing I wonder after reading about this aspect of Chicago prison culture is how many are released back onto the streets every year? These people aren’t rehabilitated. The state, if anything, makes criminals worse than they were before they were enclosed in this prison culture. At the very least they allow the most perverse criminals to rule the environment.

Our penal system IS a crime.

Reuters reports, “Public defenders sue over masturbating Chicago jail inmates.

A group of Chicago female public defenders has sued the operator of one of the nation’s largest jails and their employer in federal court over sexual harassment by inmates, including masturbation, often directed at them.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Chicago by six Cook County public defenders, alleges that more than 200 female defenders and law clerks since 2015 have endured “heinous sexual misconduct” by male inmates in the jail and courtroom holding cells.

The Cook County jail inmates “have repeatedly exposed their penises, masturbated, and engaged in other acts of sex-based aggression, verbal threats and harassment, and on an almost daily basis,” […] the lawsuit said.


“There have been weeks when [a public defender] experienced a detainee exposure or masturbation incident every day,” the suit said of one of the plaintiffs.

Read the entire Reuters story.

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