Insane Professor Shoots Himself To Protest Trump #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

A Las Vegas professor shot himself in the arm to protest President Trump. Apparently, Prof. Bird has ‘flown over the cuckoo’s nest’ and should be restrained from any further teaching!

Not sure if he will face any disciplinary charges, Are you kidding me? If this was the other way around he would have been suspended already!

Typical democrat. Stupid is as stupid does.


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A Las Vegas professor is facing criminal charges after he decided to protest President Donald Trump last month by shooting himself while on campus.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN) sociology professor Mark Bird is facing felony weapons charges after “discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Law enforcement arrived on campus after multiple people saw Bird stumble out of a bathroom — where he allegedly shot himself in the arm with a .22-caliber handgun — before collapsing on the ground. More

It seems like liberals are losing their minds on a daily basis! Why does anyone think Democrats should be in charge of our government ever again?

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

One college employee told police that he held Bird’s hand to calm him down as others tried to stop the bleeding. While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report. The report did not elaborate.

A campus-wide alert was sent about 9 a.m. the day of the shooting, deeming the scene safe and alerting students that the firearm had been recovered. Except for a short mention in the lengthy September edition of “The Chronicle,” the college president’s monthly newsletter emailed to staff, the college did not disclose any more details about the shooting.

The brief update was at the bottom of the newsletter and did not name Bird as the suspect. Federico Zaragoza, who in August was named the college’s ninth president, wrote at the end of his newsletter, “I appreciate all of the expressions of concern and interest, and I pledge to keep everyone updated should the situation change.” More

The next time the anti-gun groups start quoting ridiculous numbers for “school shootings” I can now point out that the number would be less if not for crazy anti-gun people trying to prove a point.

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