Insane Liberals Love Transgender Bathrooms



A man identifying as a woman does not a woman make.  A man identifying as a dog does not a Fido make.


Give me a break.  Liberals are so blinded by their ideology that they can’t see the difference between a penis and a vagina.  That they think the difference is no longer significant.


I mourn the loss of sanity.  I mourn the death of distinction in the yearning for sameness.  Liberals celebrate multi-culturalism but homogenize the world to unisex.


Why should the sexes have to swap the exposure to feces or listen to the Joycean Chamber Music of urination?  Is this an intellectual adventure or a sick journey into perversion?


Why should women have to squat next to reeking men?  I wouldn’t impose my odor on a woman.  And the thought of a woman stinking is nauseating to me.


The relationships between the sexes is a fantasy and it is the fantasy that I love. Don’t mess it up with the reality of noxious odors.


And how do you separate the confused men from the perverted rapists? What about the men you let into the women’s room who want to abuse them?


I think the gay rights business has gone too far.  It’s one thing to allow men to date men.  It’s another to let them sh** in the women’s room.


If there is not a hostile, negative reaction against transgender bathrooms I will lose all hope in rationality and the possibility of a civilized society. The liberals are endangering our daughters and should be hated by women.


To turn the bathroom into a moral battleground is an example of political preciousness that has gone astray. If a schizophrenic male went into the bathroom with my daughter I would certainly grab him and throw him out.


Liberal licentiousness will lead to violence.  And it should. Enough is enough. Give the world back to the world.  Quit trying to reinvent it by changing sexual identification and bathrooms.

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