Insane Bob Corker Needs to Cease Being a Republican Senator

The rhetoric of “castration” marks insane Bob Corker as a Trump hater and enemy of all Deplorables.

Of course, as the insane Bob Corker attacks the Trump administration with the vilest rhetoric possible, the media labels him, as the Washington Post put it, “the silver-haired, sober-minded chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.” Donald Trump’s rhetoric is used against him but Bob Corker is treated like a hero of the resistance, even though he repeatedly refers to castration.

These people have been wrong about the Trump Administration before. We have no reason to believe that Tillerson and Trump are at odds.

The Washington Post reports, “Bob Corker on Trump’s biggest problem: The ‘castration’ of Rex Tillerson.

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“You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice,” Corker told me in a phone interview Friday. “The tweets — yes, you raise tension in the region [and] it’s very irresponsible. But it’s the first part” — the “castration” of Tillerson — “that I am most exercised about.”

Tillerson gets low marks from many in Washington, both inside and outside the State Department, who think he has cooperated with Trump’s attempt to strip U.S. diplomacy of resources, authority and public profile. But as Corker sees it, Tillerson has been instrumental in opening a path away from confrontation with North Korea through quiet diplomacy with China.

“The greatest diplomatic activities we have are with China, and the most important, and they have come a long, long way,” Corker said. “Some of the things we are talking about are phenomenal.”

The problem, he suggested, is Trump’s tweets and other statements implying that there is no deal to be made with North Korea and that Tillerson “is wasting his time,” as one tweet put it. Such comments are causing the Chinese to back away from what has been an incipient willingness to bring serious pressure to bear on Pyongyang.

“When you jack the legs out from under your chief diplomat, you cause all that to fall apart,” Corker said. “Us working with [Beijing] effectively is the key to not getting to a binary choice. When you publicly castrate your secretary of state, you take that off the table.”

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