Inmate Mingle: App Designed to Date Inmates Hits the Market

You have heard of ChristianMingle, FarmersOnly, and eHarmony…now we introduce you to “Inmate Mingle.” 

No this is not a joke, although it’s quite humorous that this is even a thing. Humorous and slightly concerning.

An app has been created that will allow people in prison to find love outside of prison, their “perfect match” if you will.


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This just sounds like an absolutely horrible idea if you ask me. First of all, why would people in prison even be allowed to have access to electronics with apps? Second of all, why would anyone in their right mind want to jump into a relationship with murderer, cheaters, liars, rapists, etc.?

WSBTV reports: 

They found other pen pal sites like and paper dolls, but this is the first app providing this service.

On the website, they found some people with gold and platinum status — men and women who describe their likes and what they’re looking for in a relationship with someone on the outside.

Click on the success stories and you’ll see people met their “soul mate” or “found someone very special.”

Seriously, are they allowed to have phones in prison now? Is that what our tax dollars are paying for? Prison is a “time out” from society for people to reflect on their poor choices,  in hopes that they do not do it again. Prison is a punishment.

I don’t know about you but when I was grounded as a teenager, that didn’t mean I could still use my phone to text boys and find my soulmate. Heck no, I lost privileges to everything except clothes, my bed, and food!

That is exactly what prisoners should have: the necessities.

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