Ingraham Offers Chilling Warning to Trump: ‘The Base Will Revolt’

One of Trump’s major campaign topics was illegal immigration, and how we would eliminate it. We will build a wall, we will repeal DACA, and we will deport the illegal criminals living here already.

What happens if Trump caves on part of that though? There will be a lot of angry Conservatives, I can tell you that.

On Wednesday, political commentator Laura Ingraham offered the president a warning, stating that his base will revolt if he caves on immigration and the border wall.

Fox News Insider reports: 

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In her “Angle” commentary, Ingraham played angry responses from some of her radio listeners to President Trump’s bipartisan meeting on immigration reform, where cameras were allowed in to see the conversation. Much of the discussion focused on a fix to allow DACA recipients to stay in the U.S.

Trump raised some eyebrows and drew criticism from hardliners like Ann Coulterwhen he seemingly softened some of his stances on amnesty and the wall.

During the meeting, Trump called on lawmakers to come up with a “bill of love” to keep hundreds of thousands of so-called DREAMers from having to leave the country, but also to deliver on his promise of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ingraham said the statement was “the language of the left” and it reminded people of the immigration reform proposals of Jeb Bush, a 2016 presidential candidate and former Florida governor.

I understand that he is trying to smooth things over, and by no means is his position one of ease. However, to give in on such a MAJOR factor in his presidential win is a risk that I don’t think he should be willing to take.

“I’m going to wait to see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it doesn’t include a real wall, expect a political revolt from the base, which means losing the House and maybe even losing the Senate,” Ingraham warned.

She said that the end of chain migration absolutely must be in the final bill, and concluded, “If we lose the House and Senate, who will be left to defend the president?”

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