The Inept Presidency

The fabulous cartoonist Glenn McCoy recently drew what may be one of the most accurate political cartoons ever created. Titled “The Inept Presidency” the piece shows President Obama in all of his “wisdom” daring to try to explain the world to us, the average and not-so worldly-wise American.

Here it is:


not inept

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While this cartoon brilliantly sums up President Obama’s perspective on the world, I think it may miss a larger point.

These happen to be the beliefs of the Democrat Party leadership at large as well! Now, I know plenty of Democrat voters who think illegal immigration is hurting our nation and they believe our immigration laws should be enforced. But their leaders in Washington, D.C. don’t. I also know plenty of Democrat voters who believe that ISIS is far more representative of Islam than President Obama (and President Bush before him for that matter) would like to believe. However, you’re not going to find many Democrats in Washington, D.C. who are going to take the lead in the War on Terror. (Hillary Clinton would probably be the best the Democrats could offer and look at the HORRIFIC job she did in Benghazi!)

So, yea this works for President Obama… but I think it works for the Democrat Party too.

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