Indoctrinating Little Johnny: The Totalitarian Formula

“As the twig is bent, so grows the mighty oak.”  Or words similar but the message remains clear; “indoctrination, the earlier the better!”  This is the formula, a very simple one, and one which all totalitarians employ.

From within, Americans have been led to the slaughter!  First it was the lone objector against anything religious being mentioned in the classroom.  And by the way, I am still confused over just how a judicial ruling can become “the law of the land,” but that’s for another time.

Returning to our slaughter, what caused the introduction of mothers needing to work?  Could it be mainly due to rising taxes and the ever present effects from inflation?  This financial crunch came from the same player who is currently warping the minds of our young against America and everything she represents

Supporting government’s illegal educational authority, and also realizing this fact, are the same three players which defy the Trump Presidency; our gossipy media, our progressive and defiant academic cadre and packaging it up all legally, this out of control judicial branch.  This is the background which finds innocent little Johnny getting on his school bus as mom and dad trek off to work!

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Isn’t this pretty much the case today?  I mean, when did school transition from a learning center to a day care center and how cumbersome has the summer recess become concerning scheduling?

Never will a straight question or answer touch upon the unmentionables which are now intertwined with today’s educating of our most precious.  Aside from the skirting of queries regarding the innards of today’s manipulative ABCs, how is it that learning about “diverse” families is now part of the second grade format in California?  And what did happened to those rudimentary ABCs?

How many have heard about the availability of after school “Satanic Clubs which supposedly compete with the after school Christian based The Good News Clubs?  If nothing else, this exemplifies the immediate thrust back when such wholesome lessons are offered.  Odd, given that American was founded and remains legally based upon a Judeo-Christian footing.

Who remembers what Marx called religion, wasn’t it “the opiate of the masses?”  He also signaled out government sponsored public education as one of his keys for achieving socialism.  This aspect might disturb but this is the stench which encumbers today’s classrooms.  Just as it also drives us toward a single payer health care system!

Substantiating my concerns are the words from Obama’s Education Secretary or maybe more appropriately, his Education Czar.  Arne Duncan said in part, “I’ve said that America is now in the midst of a ‘quiet revolution’ in school reform.”

I think we have lost our educational way.  When cursive writing becomes victimized, and when American History takes a back seat to the history of say, Pakistan or other lesser subject matters, of which they must rightly be assessed, given the importance of our country, her system of governing, traditional values and societal norms, then I believe that the federal government is teaching American children using the same convoluted formula which caused them to lose the Vietnam War!

Lowered SAT scores coupled with the rising need for remedial courses prior to college fall enrollments all point to our waywardness from those fundamental ABCs.  This course, with its anticipated result is definite, it is not by accident!

Education today constricts curiosity, individualism and of course the pride from being an American.  This is undeniable and as such, is the crux of our dilemma.  Secularism in any form, whether it be progressive secularism or humanistic, is a negative which will only sprout negative results.  This is not what we intend for our children!

In summary, America cannot continue with each generation disavowing her greatness nor being unappreciative of the Blessings from one’s American birth.  Conversely, if there is a menace within, it seems that education would be a most effective agent.  In response, is there any wonder as to why our Founders did not assign educating as a federal responsibility?  Their foresight and wisdom never ends.

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