Indiana’s Governor Endorses a GOP Candidate for President

Indiana is one of the most successful states in the Union today. The economy there is doing better than in most parts of the country, and the people of Indiana enjoy a climate of liberty and government non-intervention, thanks to years of GOP leadership in Indianapolis. On Sunday the Governor of the Hoosier State, Mike Pence, (R-IN) explained why he was endorsing Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) in the campaign for the White House.

 I had the pleasure to meet with all three candidates running for the Republican nomination and to hear their plans for America. We discussed the great progress taking place in Indiana’s economy and how our state needs a partner in the White House.

While I like and respect each of our candidates, I am voting for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

In making my decision to support Ted, I am guided by the principles best espoused by former President Ronald Reagan. I am a Reagan Republican; drawn to his vision of less taxes, less government, traditional values and a strong military. Ted articulates that same agenda with an unwavering devotion to our Constitution, the sanctity of life, and the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights…

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This is an exciting time for Hoosiers. The eyes of the nation are looking to Indiana to make a choice. I encourage every Hoosier to evaluate each of the candidates and exercise your right to vote in the May 3 Primary. My vote goes to Ted Cruz because he is a principled conservative who will work to protect our constitutional liberties, bring back better-paying jobs, and serve all Americans with the character and judgment needed to revive our national strength.

Governor Pence also explained that Cruz’s plans to lower taxes, cut spending, eliminate onerous regulations, all while defending the Constitution and promoting liberty, all speak convincingly to the fact that Ted Cruz is the best candidate running for the White House today.

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