Incredulous Democrat says “We’re Missing an Opportunity” to Raise Taxes on Gas!


Only a liberal nanny state Democrat would see low prices on something and think… ‘We’re missing an opportunity to raise taxes!’

These were the thoughts that escaped from one of the Democrat Party’s leaders recently after he told a story about how surprised he was that gas had dropped to $1.51 in Illinois.

During a press conference in Chicago, Senator [score]Richard Durbin[/score] (D-IL) could be heard lamenting, Two weeks ago I paid $1.51 a gallon for gasoline in downstate Illinois. Clearly, the price of gasoline has gone down dramatically, as has the price of a barrel of oil –which I think is below $30.

I think we’re missing an opportunity here – a 5-cent increase in the federal gas tax can really fund an infrastructure program that can help create new jobs in this economy and help businesses. Now is the time to do it.”

This makes perfect sense when you consider the words/thoughts of another Chicago-machine politician, Rahm Emanuel, who once remarked of the financial crisis that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Democrats see opportunity to force their worldview, philosophy and views upon the rest of us in everything that happens around them. For Rahm, the financial crisis was an opportunity to increase regulations, grow the welfare state and pass onerous regulations that were supposed to make life for Americans better, when, they in fact, did the opposite. For Durbin, lower prices on gas mean the government should be able to get away with increasing taxes because we won’t notice them since we were used to paying a higher price for gas.

It’s truly a disgusting pattern of thought, but we should all be thankful to Durbin for giving us insight into how the liberal mind works. Expect similar responses if/when other drops in the cost of goods or services takes place. The Democrats are always looking for a quick buck, and they’re literally nickel and diming our nation to death.


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