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With roughly a month remaining before the elections, the democrat candidate has yet to inform her supporters about her policy positions. Still the media finds this and her 250-day-plus absence from press conferences to be no big deal. This lack of involvement is a sad replay of her past disinterest concerning calls for additional security in Benghazi. And, that too was glossed over by our media punditry.

This pattern of disinterest suggests that the democrat party has endorsed someone who is devoid of the most basic essential for leadership. While this perspective seems harsh, her past actions or lack of such tend to enforce this finding. In this context, is it any wonder as to why our media is fixated solely upon Clinton’s “experience?” More relevant should be the list of one’s accomplishments.

This insight differs sharply from the flowery writing of Wall Street Journal columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz. While she no doubt resides in Clinton’s corner, her praise is somewhat confusing when citing Clinton assets as: “experienced, forward looking, indomitably determined and eminently sane.” As expected, her ridicule painted Trump as “the most unstable, proudly uninformed, psychologically unfit president ever…”

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However, in the grand scheme of things, the scheme is all that matters. Clinton merely fills a need. The heart of the matter is to ensure that the status quo is maintained. So obviously, Trump must be maligned and destroyed in whatever fashion available.

One such method also shores up Clinton’s vulnerabilities as public attention becomes sidetracked. Nothing is ever won on defense so the attack mantra is now focusing upon Trump’s shortcomings, and with particular emphasis upon his alfa dog nature. As such, the playbook of personal attacks has become her favorite weapon.

However sometimes, even the best of plans become overbearing and/or obvious. Can anyone justify an overweight beauty contestant, from some twenty years ago, being the subject matter for a Presidential debate? I say overbearing since it does shift a shadow of despair over Clinton’s campaign.

This searching back for “gotcha” tidbits also features the decline from a once noble and free press to that of a sidewalk tabloid. In the end, citing the irrelevant or tantalizing merely hints of the desperate tactics which “catch up” campaigns employ.

Besides, would a worthy leader revert to such sordid trivia? This media free fall from the truth is the cost for protecting a candidate who stammers when policy questions are presented.

This unorthodox style of journalism is defensive in nature so that all which has been accomplished during the last one hundred years will be preserved. This intent is reflective to what truly matters within governmental circles; it’s the establishment before Country. This is central to our current refugee situation. While it is difficult to justify this open door policy, if national security were the key, it fits snugly within the establishment’s designs.

A differing perspective casts the Trump candidacy through the prism of betrayal. Obvious is the fact that as a billionaire “player,” and with past histories of and dealings with all levels of government, he walked among the elites, the captains of industry, both here and abroad. As such, he was and remains well aware of the game and its insider rules. This is tantamount to his perceived turncoat status.

And now, his candidacy includes the dismantling of that structural power grid.  He knows the game and has vowed to eliminate elitism’s crippling effect. So, is there any wonder or any limit as to what may be hurled against him? Simply stated, the stakes in this threatened scheme are nationally and globally intertwined. Also, there can never be another Brexit!

The possible success of Trump would bring a restructuring to America’s balance, both around the world and here at home. In response, many have stepped out of the shadows and revealed their loyalties. Both sides of the aisle are complicit since GOP functionaries have been tagged as RINOs.

From the public side of the ledger, we see rising taxes without results; infrastructure that was supposedly “shovel ready” and now an open door policy which includes our acceptance of Islamic terrorists. This in response to the refrain that our immigration laws “are broken.” What law wouldn’t be broken if it weren’t enforced?

This Presidential election features one candidate wanting to end America’s downward slide while the other will grease the skids. For too long, certain issues have intentionally remained unnoticed and ignored. Policies such as “anchor babies, which unknowingly contribute to the establishment’s scheme, will now be addressed through a proper Constitutional rendering. Needless to say, before Trump, these issues were treated as political untouchables, akin to a “third rail” danger.

Think about the many past promises for a secured border and how open it remains! Also, who would have brought up this insane policy of granting instant citizenship based upon illegal entry? Our Constitution is not in the business of rewarding criminal action.

Additionally, consider the growing two billion dollar debt per day, failing schools, unwinnable wars against lesser enemies, the continuation of corporate flight and of course legislating and judicially confirming the legality of compelling free Americans to buy a product that he or she neither wants, needs or can afford. And then “taxing” those same “free” Americans for not purchasing!  Still they wonder what caused Trump’s following, what caused this movement?

In closing, consider Trump’s worthiness by the line up of his establishment adversaries. Leading that pack are those elitists at the globalist center known as the Council on Foreign Relations. Today, their laughter has been replaced with shear panic from the realization that their precious establishment is in the crosshairs of a very possible Trump Presidency.

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