In Response to Massive Failure of Police Officers, FL Governor Wants More of Them!

But what is the point of putting police officers in all schools when the murders occurred because of widespread problems with police officers?

How can a Republican governor ignore the failures of police officers and say that the solution is more police officers and more gun laws? Frankly, Rick Scott is acting like as much of a coward as that school resource officer.

It seems as if we are better off with a Democrat president because then Republicans side with the second amendment to differentiate themselves. Republicans did a much better job after Sandy Hook than they are doing now.

AFP reports, “Florida governor calls for police officer in every public school.

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The Republican governor of Florida called Friday for a police officer to be assigned to every public school in the state, and for the minimum age for gun purchases to be raised from 18 to 21 […].

“I’m calling for a mandatory law enforcement officer in every public school,” Rick Scott told a news conference, as he unveiled a raft of safety measures in response to last week’s deadly rampage.

Scott said the southern US state “will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older,” and intended to make it “virtually impossible” for anyone with “mental issues” to acquire a gun.

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