In response to Caitlyn Jenner – Major League Baseball Signs First “Amphibious” Pitcher!

It’s a first for Major League Baseball. The first amphibian has been signed by the Oakland Athletics. The headline of the article reporting on his pitching marvel who opened against the Boston Red Sox reads “Amphibious pitcher makes debut.”

I thought, given today’s politically correct climate, if an amphibian wants to pitch in the Major Leagues, it ought to have that right. Maybe it believes it’s really Sandy Koufax reincarnated.

It doesn’t matter. You can be whatever you want to be even if it’s impossible, and don’t let anybody tell you your pet toad is not American Pharaoh.

Neither sexual switcheroo homo sapiens nor amphibians should be denied the right to play the all-American sport of baseball. Who are we to judge and deny a person of any sex or changed sex or amphibian the courage to live what they believe they are?

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To be fair, the person who set the headline got it wrong. As one person wrote: “Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Choose your college wisely.”


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