In New York – Police Leaders Finally Pull Away from Communist Mayor

On Bratton Becoming Honorable


Bratton is finally pulling away from de Blasio’s autocratic, progressive teat.  He now has the courage to admit that de Blasio has “made a mistake by denying the homeless epidemic that was so obvious to New Yorkers.”


The crumbling of New York into homelessness and the plight of the poor is shocking when one considers that De Blasio ran for election on his large compassion for the poor and his hatred of the rich. He wanted to diminish the gap between the rich and the poor.  He complained about New York being two cities. 


At least before de Blasio the city of the poor had homes.  He has now antagonized their situation by not providing adequate shelter or offering pathways to housing.


The problem with Utopian-spewing liberals is that they promise you everything and pragmatically deliver nothing.  They are like horny men telling a woman anything to try to get her to lift up her skirt.


Shame on de Blasio.  Praise to Bratton who is finally finding that he can honor morality rather than the orders of a selfish mayor.

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