In Just One Year Law Abiding Gun Owners Stopped HUNDREDS of Criminals!

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) did something great for our nation recently. With all of the hoopla and debate about gun control and violent crime, the DCNF decided that they would do a bit of research to try to better understand the impact of the 2nd Amendment on American life. To that end, the DCNF analyzed almost 200 random incidents where a gun owner used their firearm to defend themselves (and others) from violence, then they put that data into an interactive graphic that to allow everyone to search it using various criteria.

Interestingly, the DCNF analysis found that while middle-aged men are more likely to use a gun for self-defense than others, firearm users cut across every age, gender and socioeconomic subset imaginable. The one thing that remained constant was the level of success that law-abiding gun owners had at stopping crime.

Of the nearly 200 cases we analyzed, people carrying guns saved at least 283 potential victims, whether it was a man his family from thugs or a 9mm-toting grandma warding off a burglar in her living room. In 60 of those cases, the single gun carrier was the only potential victim. In 43 cases, there were 2 potential victims. In nine cases there were three victims and in nine more cases there were four or more victims. In 74 cases, it was unknown how many potential victims were present but it can be assumed there was at least one.  If the 74 potential victims followed the same distribution as the other cases, then the number of potential victims would actually be at least 335…

Gun carriers were able to defend themselves usually without killing the suspect. Of 217 suspects in our analysis, 148 survived their encounter with a gun carrier, whether they survived a gunshot wound or simply fled. The remaining 69 were killed, so more than half the suspects involved survived.

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Most often, when people used guns to defend themselves, it was in the home. Of the 194 cases where location is known, gun owners used firearms to defend the home 114 times. They pulled the trigger in a place of business or in public about 40 times each.


From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

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