Impeachment Mania Gets Reigned in…By Democrats

Earlier this week, democrats were simply rabid with the notion that they would soon be impeaching President Donald Trump just after passing his 100-day milestone.

Their idea was simple, redundant, and completely ludicrous:  Donald Trump is a Russian operative who made it into the Oval Office. It didn’t matter that the man had been vetted, de facto, by being a huge name in business.  Nor did it matter that he was elected by a cunning conservative voter base who can sniff out anti-American sentiments from a mile away.  Hillary Clinton implied it once during a debate, and now the left will hold it as fact.

With his firing of the incompetent James Comey, Donald Trump provided even more fodder for the New Fascist movement on the left, who were actively looking to discredit him at every possible turn.  Democrats seized the termination, and thusly spun the facts to fit their own convoluted narrative, employing their Goebbels-esque mainstream media to further add to the veracity of their tall tale.

Now, after sitting with their conclusion for a few days, the democrats are changing their tune on impeachment, and they are doing so rather quickly.

“The fear, Democratic officials say, is that they will invite the sort of backlash from their base that Republicans got for overpromising about what was possible while President Barack Obama was in office. They argue that methodically building a case — obtaining and revealing any memos or White House recordings, for example — is the soundest approach if they are to bring Republicans along.

“Even Senator Bernie Sanders, the liberal Vermont firebrand, counseled patience. ‘What needs to happen is that we have got to go forward with an absolutely bipartisan investigation,’ Mr. Sanders said. ‘The public must understand this is not a Democratic issue.’

“Senator Richard J. Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, was even more forceful in speaking of the party’s activists.

“’They wanted the president gone on November the 10th of last year,’ Mr. Durbin said. ‘I want to make certain that we follow the law, follow the Constitution, do it in an orderly way and not to get into a crazed political crusade at this point.’

“But such a measured approach is not sufficient for those progressives who are channeling the fierce urgency of now.”

The impeachment of Donald Trump could turn the nation on its ear.  Given that Trump’s presidency was achieved by promising to shatter the Washington D.C. status quo, something he is certainly achieving, to have the elitists of the beltway turn against him so quickly would simply further the American people’s distrust of our federal government.  It would be the ultimate “CYA” maneuver, in which D.C. deities would out themselves as stubborn stalwarts whose only goal is to maintain status in the capital.

Trump promised to bring the light and the truth to Washington, and now, Washington is running scared.

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