Immigrant Caravan Gives a Window Into the Obama Years

The immigrant caravan is somewhat smaller now but it is still headed through Mexico to our border without anyone stopping them.

Have people been organizing these immigrant caravans for years without any opposition?

The immigrant caravan is somewhat smaller now but it is still headed through Mexico to our border without anyone stopping them. Furthermore, a story about the immigrant caravan let slip the interesting fact that it is not the first such operation. In fact, we are introduced to an “immigrant rights group” who has been “organizing similar caravans for several years.”

I don’t remember Barack Obama ever tweeting about this ongoing criminal enterprise. I never remember him being upset or expressing outrage that Mexico officials were openly helping illegal immigrants come to out border. But at least one group (are there others?) had been organizing such groups for a number of years. We aren’t told how many caravans have come or how many years they go back. We do know that they must go back to the Obama years. But before President Trump and his twitter account we weren’t told any of this.

Reuters reports, “Migrant ‘caravan’ that angers Trump nears U.S.-Mexico border.

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Hundreds of Central American migrants traveling in a “caravan” were in limbo in the northern Mexican city of Hermosillo on Monday on the final stretch of a journey to the United States where President Donald Trump ordered officials to repel them.

About 600 men, women and children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras had been waiting on Monday in Hermosillo, Sonora to board a train or take buses for the remaining 432 miles miles to the border with California.

Traveling together for safety, their numbers were down from a peak of about 1,500 people since they began their journey on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala almost a month ago, as smaller groups broke away.

Many women and children in the group were planning to seek asylum in the United States after they reach Tijuana, said Rodrigo Abeja, a coordinator from immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras that has been organizing similar caravans for several years.

Moving from town to town, the impoverished and bedraggled travelers became a lightning rod for U.S.-Mexico relations after Trump launched a succession of tweets in early April, telling Mexican authorities to stop them.

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