I’m Tired of Democrats Marching Into Self-Righteousness



The patriotic ethos has pulled the tablecloth out from under the china dishes and the Democrat fragile Flora Danica has broken on the floor.


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There are cracks in the politically correct façade of the liberal plates and weak views have turned into shards of hand-me-down ideas. Tell the millennials to not cut their tongues on the broken glass.  In the eighties I paid three thousand dollars for a Flora Danica plate.  Now the ideas of fallen glass are worth nothing.


How did the left wing assume that conservative ideas had flown away into some variable of weakness or duck-and-run.


Had they no idea that we thought the liberal vision of the world was a sick perversion of our values and that we did not respect Hillary freeing a rapist, Bill mauling children in Fantasy Island or Obama watching Muslims cutting off our heads and calling radical jihadists peaceful?


Did liberals think that we liked same sex marriage even though we tried to give it lip service in the name of utopian equality?  Thousands of years of male female relationships and how do we profit from male-male or female-female when reproduction is a non-starter?


Did Hillary think we believed in systemic racism when we had fought against real racism in the sixties and were disgustingly threatened by entitled, stupid, ungrateful Black Lives Matter?


Were we not outraged by Al Sharpton visiting the White House, not paying his taxes, looking uglier in his thinness, wanting to profit off a self-imposed racial revolution.


When Trump comes to office I hope he returns our language to us.  I hope he returns the humor of a joke and the beauty of ironic politically incorrect statements.


In an earlier life Trump bragged about grabbing p***y.  Maybe an idle boast.  At least he didn’t rape it like Bill Clinton or set a rapist free like Hillary or expose himself like Abedin’s Weiner.


Weiner showed himself on the Internet.  Hillary showed who her spies were on her private server.  And she refused to send backup at Benghazi.


I am tried of angry looks in the street. I am tired of Democrats marching into self-righteousness and pointing their fingers (like Hillary and Obama do) at us with the condemnation of the wrong who see themselves as right.


King Henry wanted to free himself of Thomas Beckett.  I want to free America of arrogant, self-justifying liberals.


In front of Trump Towers there are morons more on destruction than on making America great.  Their jostling innocent victims reminds me of why we voted for Trump.  They are a ratification of the need for a brave new world.


Protests are not right when they are wrong.  Destruction is not freedom.  When the democracy of protests spills over into violence it should become the criminal act that it is and be jailed.

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