I’m a Woman, and I Still Support Donald Trump…Here’s Why

I am a woman. Therefore, many people expect me to be upset over the remarks Donald Trump makes about women. Especially the ones that have recently surfaced about the married woman, in which he stated, “I did try to [explicit] her, she was married.”

Does that make me cringe? Yes, it does. Any person with a true understanding of marriage would cringe at that statement. It was rude and quite un-gentleman like. However, he said that 11 years ago, and you would be void of all sanity if you could honestly say that things, and people, do not change over the years. Eleven years ago, Blackberries were our smartphones, alternative medicine seemed mythological, and Facebook was only limited to Harvard students. Where were you 11 years ago? Do you think you may have made a dumb statement that you would be embarrassed of today?

So here are 11 reasons why I’m still a Donald Trump Supporter:

  1. I stand behind my platform, and my beliefs, no matter who is the one representing us.
  2. Donald Trump has proven himself to be hospitable and his employees gleam over it.
  3. He is a smart, business man that can get this country back to where it needs to be.
  4. I would rather be insulted by Donald Trump, than left for dead by Hillary Clinton.
  5. Donald Trump wants to make America safe again, so I say, “Build that wall!”
  6. He supports…
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